About us

TMM Production Company is the Russian developer and manufacturer of medical equipment for physiotherapeutic procedures in traction therapy, hydrotherapy and velvet antler treatment in medical rehabilitation centers and clinics.

The mission of the company is production of reliable high-quality equipment and its continual improvement in accordance with the latest medical technologies.

For the 20-year period of work the TMM company has accumulated a big experience in the field of development and manufacture of the equipment at a modern level of engineering with the main emphasis made on the importance of the medical problem, efficacy and security of the produced equipment.

All the physiotherapeutic equipment produced by TMM company is the result of work of the whole highly qualified staff from design engineers to production personnel.

The constructive solutions introduced in the products are protected by the patents of the Russian Federation for inventions.

The products are manufactured on the company’s own industrial base provided with precision equipment and time-tested components of the world’s leading manufacturers.

The samples of the medical equipment designed and put into mass production combine unique research of Russian Research Institutes of balneology and physiotherapy, engineering and manufacturing capacity of TMM company as well as successful testing of medical technologies in the medical rehabilitation centers of Belokuriha city and resort.

TMM Company is awarded with many diplomas and medals for creation and successful implementation of the latest developments in the field of medical equipment.

TMM Company offers a full range of services for installation of equipment, its maintenance and provides a guarantee for all the works performed.