Complex of equipment for vertical underwater extension of departments of spine KIV PVP – TMM

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The complex of equipment for vertical underwater extension of departments of spine KIV PVP — TMM is manufactured by TMM company for treatment of neurological signs of osteochondrosis of the sp

Extension (traction) is one of the methods of medical rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries and diseases and their consequences (deformations and contractures of large joints, degenerative-dystrophic processes in the spine).

The success of underwater traction therapy is resulting from simultaneous effect of warm water and small load on the spine, that leads to complete relaxation of muscles and stretching of the near-vertebral tissues and ligaments.

Therapeutic effects:

— decrease of edema and elimination of compression of the strangulated root of the spinal nerve;

— restoration of the correct anatomical ratio of the elements of the damaged motor segment of the spine;

— decrease of internal disk pressure, reduction of a protrusion of an intervertebral disk;

— improvement of trophism in the tissues of the vertebral motor segment;

— pronounced analgesic and miorelaxing effect.

The effectiveness of traction therapy grows with preliminary manual massage or swimming in the pool.

 *Procedure description:

A patient is securely fixed on a traction board of KIV PVP — TMM complex with a corset and a belt designed by TMM company.

Then the traction board is slowly submerged into the pool filled with water. According to a doctor’s prescription, the submersion can be continuous or delayed in certain positions.

The loading system of the complex, consisting of two loading bars and a cargo set, ensures the accuracy of the process of spinal traction.

After the extension procedure has finished, the traction board slowly, continuously or with delays (as prescribed), moves into horizontal (initial) position. The patient is released from the corset and the belt. With the help of the medical staff, the patient is shifted through a transfer table to a gurney and taken to the room for rest.


Advantages of the complex:

Slow and comfortable submersion and lifting of a patient on a traction platform provides the most careful treatment of the patient.

The wide range of sizes of corsets and belts allows to select an individual set for every patient.

The possibility to fix the traction board in the pool at any programmed angle.

The system of loading provides accuracy of the process of spine traction.

The reinforced construction of the complex made of high-quality stainless steel allows to carry out the procedures with the patients of large build and height**.

The KIV PVP — TMM complex of equipment for vertical underwater extension of departments of spine in a pool is easy to maintain and operate.

Parts of the equipment:

1 – support frame;

2 – traction board;

3 – corset;

4 – belt;

5 – mechanism of loading of departments of spine;

6 – control panel of hydraulic drive;

7 – patient’s safety rails;

8 – hook of the mechanism of loading;

9 – operating platform.


* The procedure of underwater spine extension is taken on doctor’s prescription.

** According to the technical test results, the traction platform of the complex withstands a load up to 540 kg.


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