Vibro-traction device for the cervical spine AVT SHOP — TMM

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Vibro-traction device for the cervical spine AVT ShOP — TMM (АВТ ШОП – «ТММ») is produced by TMM company for vertical extension of cervical spine with simultaneous effect of longitudinal vibration during treatment of neurological signs of osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.

Therapeutic effects:

— the metabolism in intervertebral disks is activated;

— mechanisms of tissue dehydration and rehydration are stimulated;

— the elasticity of the ligamentous apparatus of the spine increases;

— correction of posture and curvature of the spine (kyphosis, scoliosis);

— herniated intervertebral discs are corrected.

*Procedure description:

A patient sits on the chair directly under the rope of the device AVT ShOP — TMM (АВТ – ШОП «ТММ») with the head preliminarily placed in the collar (Glisson loop).

The collar rings are attached to the carabiner of the rope. Loads are placed on the cargo area of the rope. The number of loads is prescribed by a doctor.

The duration of the procedure and the frequency of vibration is set on the control panel.

The procedure starts when the «START / TIME» («ПУСК/ВРЕМЯ») button is pressed.


After the set procedure time has finished, the device turns off automatically. If necessary, the procedure can be stopped at any moment.

After the end of the vibrotraction proceure, the collar is removed from the patient.

To keep up the effect of extension after the procedure, the patient is recommended to wear Schantz orthopedic collar for two hours.

Advantages of AVT ShOP — TMM device:

The device loads only the cervical spine, without loading the rest areas.

Wide range of adjustment of vibration frequency — from 5 to 50 Hz.

Displaying the procedure parameters:

— time of procedure,

— frequency of vibration.

Automatic switching off of the procedure after the set time is over.

A simple, intuitively clear system of loading.

The device doesn’t need a big room, easy to maintain and operate.


Parts of the equipment:


1 – tubular column;

2 – loads set;

3 – collar (Glisson loop);

4 – vibrator;

5 – carabiner;

6 – cargo area;

7 – control panel.


* The cervical vibro-traction procedure is done on doctor’s prescription.


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